Cell Phone Policies

The District permits elementary, middle and high school students to possess cellular phones
or paging devices while on school property or while attending school-sponsored or schoo lrelated activities on or off of school property.

Students having cellular phones or paging devices must keep the devices turned off and not
visible during the regular school day. The District shall not be responsible for any damage,
theft, or loss of a cellular phone or paging device that a parent voluntarily provides for
a student. Students who violate this policy shall be subject to established disciplinary
measures. District employees shall confi scate any cellular phones or paging devices from
students who violate this policy. If a student commits a third violation to this policy in a school
year, the privilege of possessing a cellular phone or paging device shall be revoked for the
remainder of the school year.

During testing, use of a telecommunications or recording device is prohibited and subjects
the device to confi scation and search. Students are subject to discipline for use of these
devices during testing. Further, use of telecommunications devices during testing could
result in the invalidation of student test scores.