Mark Langford

As a Marshall High School student, Mark Langford sort of had a life plan: he was either going to be a doctor or a radio DJ. Then, he joined the Marshall High School newspaper, caught the photography bug and the rest is history. The famed newspaper and commercial photographer has worked professionally for 37 years. He’s produced six coffee table books filled with photos of his beloved San Antonio and its residents. Langford credits his success to his Marshall High School teachers and having the opportunity to work for a local paper during his years at the high school. But Langford has another passion -- storm chasing. He says he loves watching a storm come in and photographing it. Langford is a true Northside product who attended Oak Hill Terrace and Glenoaks elementary schools and Pat Neff Middle School. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Brooks Photography Institute. He and his wife, Jennifer, are the proud parents of Aubrey and Kathleen.

Mark Langford
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Marshall High School
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