NISD reports 100 percent of teachers are “Highly Qualified”

December 3, 2015

Northside ISD announces that 100 percent of teachers are classified as "Highly Qualified." In accordance with Section 2141 of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act and the Texas State Highly Qualified Teacher Plan, the local education agency (LEA) is required to submit a report annually on whether the academic subject area classes are being taught by Highly Qualified Teachers. According to the data submitted for 121 campuses on Nov.9, 2015, Northside reported:

· 100 percent Highly Qualified Teachers

· 100 percent core subjects taught by Highly Qualified Teachers

· 100 percent Highly Qualified paraprofessionals at Title I campuses

“We employ more than 7,000 teachers in Northside and we are proud that all of our classrooms are staffed by teachers skilled in the areas they teach,” said Patricia Hill, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.

"Highly Qualified" means that the teacher: (1) has obtained full Texas teacher certification; (2) holds a minimum of a bachelor's degree; and (3) has demonstrated subject matter competency in each of the academic subjects in which the teacher teaches, in a manner determined by TEA.