Uma Pemmaraju

From New York City where she lives with her 13-year-old daughter, journalist Uma Pemmaraju is a news anchor and host for the Fox News Channel.  For the Washington, D.C.-based show, “America’s News Headquarters,” she interviews key power players in the world of politics and business.  For the series “Secrets of Success,” she highlights famous Americans who have overcome incredible odds (e.g. Buzz Aldrin, Carly Simon, Donald Trump, and Whoopie Goldberg).  Her family immigrated from India to San Antonio where she attended Sunset Hills (now Colby Glass) and Pat Neff Middle School.   She graduated from Holmes High School and earned a political science degree from Trinity University which included a year at American University and work as editor of the Trintonian.   Early career moves included S.A. Express News, KENS-TV, CBS affiliate in Dallas and the CBS affiliate in Boston where she was named Best Anchor by Boston Magazine. Pemmaraju has won a number of Emmys and taught journalism ethics at Harvard University.
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Oliver Wendell Holmes High School
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