Energy Management


Northside ISD has a long history of energy conservation that started in the early 1990’s. The tradition of NISD striving to be an energy conservation leader continues today.  As we are all know too well electricity and water are only going to become more expensive so every kilowatt and gallon saved is an investment in the future of the District’s students.  

The Energy Management staff believes everything we do is for the students.  Energy Conservation does not just save energy and money but also it provides an opportunity to teach life lessons everyday in the classroom by turning off lights, maintaining reasonable temperatures, or shutting down computer equipment at the end of each day.  We hope that you find the Energy Management Website useful, providing both information about the District’s Energy Policies and resources to help you save energy.  

Our Mission is to reduce energy and water use throughout the District while helping maintain an environment conducive to learning.  

Northside Speaks

Allen Goldapp speaks about Energy Savings






  • The EPA awarded Energy Star Certification to 10 Northside Campuses in January of 2015. The campuses were Brandeis HS, Brennan HS, Briscoe MS, Folks MS, Zachry MS, Franklin ES, Henderson ES, Los Reyes ES, Martin ES, McAndrew ES, and Wanke ES,

  • In May, 2014, Franklin Elementary School became the third NISD school to receive the New Construction Rebate from CPS. The rebate of $47,990 is based on the school's preforming at least 15% better than the City of San Antonio requires for energy use in new buildings. NISD remains the only school district in Bexar County to receive the New Construction Rebate for a school campus.

  • In May, 2014, CPS also delivered a check for $219,577 that included seven lighting retrofit projects, a lighting rebate for Bernal Middle School, and a chiller rebate for Ellison Elementary School. For those interested in LED lighting you need to visit Bernal. All the outside lights and some interior lighting is LED. You should make sure to visit the library which has overhead strip LED fixtures. The light quality is nothing less than beautiful.

  • CPS Rebates – Northside ISD received $1,478,513 in CPS rebates in 2013-14 and has collected $135,068 so far this school year bringing the total rebates received by NISD since 2009 to $3,791,221.

  • Martin Elementary School received the Green Building Council certification as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver building in 2010. 

  • Los Reyes Elementary School was the first school in the CPS Energy Service area to receive the CPS Energy New Construction Rebate.  The rebate paid $31,909.

  • Dr. Folk’s Middle School was the second school at Northside ISD to receive the CPS Energy New Construction Rebate.  The rebate paid $42,227. The energy model projects the school will use approximately 20% less energy than the current City of San Antonio Energy Code (International Energy Conservation Code 2009) minimum  requirement.  The design should save 500,000 kWh and from $35,000-$45,000 per year.

  • Braun Station Elementary School has the first LED parking lot lights installed in the District.

  • Martin ES and Warren HS are the first schools in a San Antonio school District to receive Energy Star Certification.

  • Zachry Middle School had two new chillers installed in 2013. They are the first magnetic bearing chillers installed in the District. Due to their energy efficiency the District received a $97,500 rebated from CPS.

  • Northside ISD joins CPS Energy’s Automated Demand Response Pilot Program.  The three schools participating are Locke Hill ES, Briscoe MS, and Brandeis HS.