Elementary Science



The primary goal of the science program is to increase the scientific literacy of our children. Improved decision-making concerning technological matters such as the environment, health, and consumerism is based on valid scientific knowledge. Science is a way of learning about the natural and social world. It is important for students to know and understand how science has built a vast body of changing and increasing knowledge described by physical, mathematical, and conceptual models. The NISD Science Program embraces the standards of problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication.

Scientific Inquiry

Scientific Inquiry refers to the processes that students engage in while acquiring the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts. This allows students to develop a stronger understanding of how scientists study the natural world. In Northside, we strive to create inquiry-based classroom environments in which students can further develop their scientific literacy. Students are involved in a variety of scientific experiences including hands-on activities, cooperative learning and problem solving and dialogue about scientific ideas.

Elementary Science Staff

Instructional Specialist

Nancy Kreth

Instructional Support Teachers

Amanda Ewenson  
Lilia Zamudio Bilingual

Department Secretary

Carla Casanova
(210) 397-8661