Information for parents about your child's graduation from Northside ISD

Graduation is just the beginning

At Northside ISD, it’s our mission to prepare you for life after high school. It’s a mission that starts in kindergarten and doesn’t end until you have that diploma in your hands. We want to provide you with the support you need to stay on the road to graduation, so whether you need to figure out how many credits you need to graduate or what time your graduation ceremony is, you’ve come to the right place.

State High School Graduation Requirements

The Foundation High School Program with Endorsements is a flexible gradation program that allows students to explore their interests. It was established by the Texas Legislature for students entering high school in the 2014/2015 academic year or later.

The Program is comprised of four parts:

  • A 22-credit foundation plan
  • 5 Endorsement options that allow students to focus on a related series of courses
  • A higher performance category called Distinguished Level of Achievement
  • Performance Acknowledgements that recognize outstanding achievement in specific areas

All students entering the 9th grade will select an endorsement. More detailed information is available from the Texas Education Agency.

Northside Graduation Requirements

The Texas Education Agency requires minimum graduation requirements, and permits local education agencies to add to them. Graduation for NISD students are as outlined below:

Courses Foundation Foundation with Endorsement
English Language Arts 4 credits 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits 4 credits
Science 3 credits 4 credits
Social Studies 3 credits 4 credits
Languages other than English 2 credits 2 credits
Physical Education 1 credit 1 credit
Health .5 credit .5 credit
Speech .5 credit .5 credit
Fine Arts 1 credit 1 credit
Endorsements/Electives 4 credits 5 credits
Total 22 26