Elementary Summer School: Bilingual and ESL State Mandated

The Elementary State Mandated Bilingual/ESL Summer Program

This program is a 120-hour state-mandated elementary summer school program. Those students eligible are Pre-K, K, and 1st grade retained students who are enrolled in the Bilingual or ESL Programs.




Eligibility Requirements


Phone Number

ESL Summer School Programs –All Levels
State Mandated
Pre-K, K & 1st Retained Bilingual/ ESL Summer School

June 7 - 10
June 13 - 20 (M-Th); 8am-3:30 pm  

Burke ES, Hatchett ES,
Martin ES, Mead ES


Pre-K, K & 1st retained bilingual/ESL students None, must qualify 397-5900, ext. 3141
1st - 5th grade Newcomers. June 7 – 10
June 13 – 30 (M-Th)
Colonies North ES Northside 1-5th grade immigrant students who have not had consistent formal schooling, and who are in year 1 or 2 in the United States None, must qualify 397-5900, ext. 3141