Special Education : Directory


Krista Garcia, M.S. Ed Director of Special Education 397-8742
Valerie Uriegas Asst. Dir. of Special Education for High School Campuses 397-8754
Kathleen Cuevas Asst. Dir. of Special Education for Middle School Campuses 397-8754
Veronica Mechler, M.Ed. Asst. Dir. of Special Education for Elementary School Campuses 397-8754


Latia Bishop
Elementary Area Coordinator
ARD Facilitation Training, Medicaid Billing, Bilingual Exit-Criteria Training
Susanne Bridges Elementary Area Coordinator
eNgagement Academy, ES Campus Coordinator Meetings, SEAM Agendas, Spanish ARD Interpreter Training
Nicole Brooks, M.Ed. Secondary Area Coordinator
Summer School/SSI, Campus Coordinator Bulletin, MS Coordinator Meetings, MS SEAM Agendas
Chedra Brown Secondary Area Coordinator
Edgenuity, Graduation, SPP14, HS SEAM Agendas, HS Coordinator Meetings
Deloris Chandler, M.Ed
Elementary Area Coordinator
BMC All Levels
Jenice Dames Elementary Area Coordinator
AI/VI All Levels, RDSP
David Delgado, M.Ed. Secondary Area Coordinator
SPP 13, HS Hearings/CAT IV Review
Olivia Gold Secondary Area Coordinator                                                                      MS Hearings/CAT IV Review, Secondary Freshman Coordinator Meetings, NCI All Levels, Safety Care All Levels     397-8737
Michelle Kolar, M.A., CCC-SLP Program Coordinator
Speech-Language, Dual Enrollment, Private Schools
Rosemary Mata-Sonora Elementary Area Coordinator                                                                    Elementary Transition, Twitter, Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), Tappestry Conference, Parent Survey, Elementary Summer School/SSI         397-8778
Crystal Perez Elementary Area Coordinator
Elementary Freshman Coordinator Meetings, Elementary New Teacher Academy
Sharla Powell, M.Ed.
Secondary Area Coordinator
ESY, WBL, Transition
Theresa Puckett Program Coordinator                                                                                PPCD, ChildFind, Community Based PPCD 397-8751
Kristen Solis Secondary Area Coordinator                                                                    Staff Development, Secondary New Teacher Academy, MS Transition, Feb/Oct PD 397-8886
Jennifer-C Davidson, M.Ed. Elementary Area Coordinator                                                                  RF Tracker, Foster/Surrogate Parent Trainings, Elementary School Hearings/MDRs 397-8739
Annette Van Slambrouck, M.A. Elementary Area Coordinator
ALE Program All Levels
Mark Yarber, M.A. Elementary Area Coordinator
Elementary C&I Meetings, IA Training, Employee Connection, SE Website, Online Training

Related Services/Lead Specialists

Denise Garcia Bedside Hospital Program for Children with Medical Disabilities 397-7546
Anita Bamford Physical Therapy 397-2426
Laura Riddell Auditory Services, Orientation & Mobility, Regional Day School for the Deaf, Visual Services 397-1578
Rhonda George Social Services Care Manager Caseworker 397-5482
Yvonne Larralde Social Services Care Manager Caseworker 397-2418
Janis Mazurek, M.A., CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathology Program, Assistive Technology 397-2460
Lynn Alessandro Homebound 397-8810
Courtney Hight Music Therapy 397-2546
Michelle Smith Occupational Therapy 397-2429
Donna Umhoefer Adapted Physical Education, Special Olympics 397-2453
Jana Hernandez,  M.S., CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathology Program 397-8751
Audrey Rek, M. Ed. Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities/Early Childhood Collaborative Program 397-3569