Sarah Meffert Becher

Sarah Meffert Becher, an Audio Visual Design Engineer, has rare letters following her name: CTS-I which stands for Certified Technology Specialist - Installation. Only a few people have achieved this highly-regarded credential world-wide and of those, even fewer are women. The InfoComm certification assures Sarah is an experienced AV professional who has passed a rigorous program of study in setting up best-practice audio visual systems that are reliable, structurally safe, and perform to customer specifications. At Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams, Inc., in Dallas, she has designed everything from a multi-media auditorium to high-end signage applications. A 2007 Pillar of Responsibility, she went from Marshall High School to Stephen F. Austin University where she majored in Radio/TV Communications and minored in Physics (Electronics).

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John Marshall High School
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