John Igo

To be selected as a Northside Pillar, you must be a graduate of a Northside high school, the first of which was Northside High School–now Marshall, where the first graduating class was in 1951. However, John Igo is the first Pillar with an asterisk, because he attended and received a diploma–after 10 grades–from a 2-room rural school house: Lock Hill School–in 1942. (Spelling was later changed.) He is the 2007 Pillar of Fairness. In November the San Antonio Public Library System will open John Igo Library near Northside’s newest–Brandeis High School. A man of many talents, John Igo has published a dozen books of poetry, written 25 plays, and taught literature and writing for 45 years at San Antonio College. With 2 degrees from Trinity University, he still–at age 80, teaches at Incarnate Word University. John Igo still lives near Locke Hill School–where his family goes back–as students–over one hundred years.

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Locke Hill*
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