Andy Ramirez

Born with a rare disability for which no cure has been discovered, Andres Ramirez has osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones), but he would be the last to suggest that he “suffers from it.” Now 35 years old, he is a greeter and information officer at the AT&T Center, a tutor at Raba Elementary School, and technology wizard. Stories about “Little Andy” abound – from the time he helped Dallas Cowboys Legend Bob Lilly find his lost book to the time he recently shot and edited a movie. He began school in Northside by attending the District’s school for severely handicapped Mackey, then Easter Seals. By fourth grade he was determined to attend regular classes at John Glenn Elementary, followed by Pease Middle School and Holmes High School. Today he travels everywhere in his electric wheelchair, including navigating VIA bus transportation rain or shine. His technology and digital photography skills take him where his legs may not go, but camping and fishing outings or trips to the deer lease are always a “go.” As a volunteer at Raba Elementary School, he teaches other handicapped students to excel. It is entirely due to his interest in and sensitivity toward others – never himself – that Andy Ramirez is the 2007 Pillar of Caring.

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Oliver Wendell Holmes High School
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