Students excel at UIL District Academic Meet

March 28, 2018

Northside students excelled at the UIL District 28 Academic Meet held at Jay High School. The top three individuals and first place team in each category advanced to Regional competition April 14 at the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Team – Holmes HS

Individuals – Duncan Kneeland, Holmes HS; Alisha Harris, Clark HS; Jaime Benavides, Holmes HS

Calculator Applications

Team – Jay HS

Individuals – Valeria Munoz-Gonzales, Jay HS; Matthew Tran, O’Connor HS, Yohahn Cho, Warren HS

Current Issues

Team – O’Connor HS

Individuals – Lauren Garanzuay, Taft HS; Jose Anguiano, Warren HS; Rodrigo Gonzales-Rojas, Health Careers HS

Computer Applications

Individuals – Justin Graham, Holmes HS; Gabriella Marie Melendez, Brandeis HS; Daniella Macias, Stevens HS

Computer Science

Team – Health Careers HS

Individuals – Ayesha Kishwar, Health Careers HS; David Kent, O’Connor HS; Chris Weeks, O’Connor HS

Cross Examination Debate

Team – Jay HS

Editorial Writing

Individuals – Sabrina Fielden, Stevens HS; Elliot Morgan, Health Careers HS; Deseree Frink-Larcart, Jay HS

Feature Writing

Individuals – Madelina Beck, Jay HS; Sabrina Fielden, Stevens HS; Isabella Garcia, Clark HS

Headline Writing

Individuals – Daniel Strang, Jay HS; Sabrina Fielden, Stevens HS; Isabella Garcia, Clark HS

Informative Speaking

Individuals –Susie Jung, Clark HS; Sofia Angeles, Brandeis HS; Jackson Monas, Brandeis HS


Team – Stevens HS

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Individuals – Jack Si, Brandeis HS; Catherine Quinn, Taft HS; Sandy Gonzalez, Warren HS

Literary Criticism

Team – Taft HS

Individuals – Dalia Gulca, Taft HS; Jasmine Manansala, Taft HS; Kierstin Wilkins, Taft HS


Team – O’Connor HS

Individuals – Matthew Tran, O’Connor HS; Jorge Martinez, Jay HS; Lindsey Ran, Health Careers HS

Number Sense

Team – Jay HS

Individuals – Matthew Tran, O’Connor HS; Lindsey Ran, Health Careers HS; Thomas Petterson, Jay HS

News Writing

Individuals – Sabrina Fielden, Stevens HS; Grant Scherer, Clark HS; Rogelio Escamilla, Stevens HS

One Act Play

Team – Jay HS

Persuasive Speaking

Individuals – Victoria Henretty, Taft HS; Aaron Delgado, O’Connor HS; Catherine Quinn, Taft HS

Poetry Interpretation

Individuals – Kellie Doyle, O’Connor HS; Miranda Dean, Brandeis HS; Meghan Brown, Jay HS

Prose Interpretation

Individuals – Walker Dalton, O’Connor HS; Elizabeth Travers, O’Connor HS; Isis Cortez, Taft HS

Ready Writing

Individuals – Irish Padilla, Brennan HS; Jason Dick, Holmes HS; Mattie Drew, Health Careers HS


Individuals – Daniel Cao, Brandeis HS


Individuals – Matthew Su, Brandeis HS


Team – Brandeis HS

Individuals – Matthew Su, Brandeis HS; Daniel Cao, Brandeis HS; Jingsi Zhou, Brandeis HS


Individuals – Daniel Cao, Brandeis HS; Matthew Tran, O’Connor HS

Social Studies

Team – Jay HS

Individuals – Jose Anguiano, Warren HS; Italy Ramos, Health Careers HS; Trevor Erwin, Jay HS


Team – Brandeis HS

Spelling and Vocabulary

Team – Health Careers HS

Individuals – Alesandra Bell, Taft HS; Gina Yu, Health Careers HS; Meghan Lim, Health Careers HS


In the sweepstakes category, the top three teams were Jay HS, O’Connor HS, and Taft HS.

Full results for District 28 can be found on the UIL website.