NISD launches online transcript ordering system for current students

November 18, 2016

Current NISD high school students, or parents of students under the age of 18, can now go online and request a copy of their transcript or have it sent to a college or university.

Previously, the online service was only available for NISD alumni.

Now, students who are or were enrolled during the current school year can use the online transcript ordering system.

The cost per transcript is $3 for current students, and $5 for alumni.

Orders can be placed from any Internet-enabled device on or off campus. High school registrars will electronically receive the requests, verify the information received is complete and correct, then either send the transcript electronically to the specified recipient(s) or print the transcript for pick-up.

This new service, provided by the NISD Information Services Department, includes the added benefits of payments via credit card, 24-hour ordering, centralized record keeping, and the elimination of the previous paper process.