Rudder students create rain garden to divert run-off water from new building

November 9, 2016

Rudder MS students and staff created a rain garden as an environmentally friendly solution for run-off water from a new science building. They turned this into a learning opportunity to include several other gardens and outdoor classrooms.

The student-designed natural area is maintained by the students and funded through grants, including $22,000 from the San Antonio River Authority (SARA). Landscape architects and SARA representatives joined students and teachers in planting a rain garden as the latest addition to the almost two-acre outdoor classroom located behind the school.

A rain garden is a planted depression or hole that allows rain runoff the opportunity to be absorbed, thus helping with erosion and pollution. The rain garden is part of a large outdoor classroom area begun some 25 years ago area that includes more than 30 garden beds, four rain gardens, two butterfly gardens, a nature trail with compressed granite walk ways, a bridge connecting the path to the gardens, a barn-looking structure, and much more.

Watch the video to learn more.