Election Day safety message from the Superintendent

November 4, 2016

Northside ISD Parents and Patrons:

Like you, we have been monitoring this election cycle closely. As always, many NISD schools will serve, in compliance with the Texas Election Code, as polling sites on Election Day, Nov. 8. Given the tone of the debate, we began weeks ago to coordinate with the NISD Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to make sure that we have a good plan to both facilitate voting and keep our students and staff safe on Election Day.

An NISD Police Officer will be assigned to monitor each elementary polling site on Election Day. In addition, many Central Office administrators will fan out across our District to help campus leadership ensure a smooth start to the day for all involved.  At secondary school polling sites, the already assigned NISD Police Officer will be on duty during the time teachers and students are present to provide any necessary guidance and assistance. 

As in any election that draws high interest, our goal on Election Day will be to facilitate the voting process while offering a business-as-usual day for our students and staff. If you hear of particular concerns about a campus or other NISD site, we encourage you to call the NISD Police Department at 397-SAFE (397-7233).


Dr. Brian T. Woods