In addition to building hundreds of new classrooms, Bond funds also focus on older schools

Graphic header with pix of building "More Classrooms Under Construction"
August 1, 2016

The Texas Tribune reports that thousands of families are moving to Texas every year from other states because of favorable economic conditions and jobs availability.  In fact California, Florida and Illinois top the list of where the new Texans are coming from.  Louisiana, New Mexico and New York are also among the top states losing population to Texas.

It’s no secret that high quality public schools are among the key deciding factors of where the new Texas will make their homes and Northside ISD certainly has been a destination. 

While some of the staggering annual high growth numbers have leveled off in the last two years, NISD must still open hundreds of classrooms each year to keep up with new children enrolling in NISD schools.  In August, Cole and Fields elementary schools will open. The following year, in 2017, the new Harlan High School will open to relieve overcrowding at Brennan, O’Connor, and Taft high schools.

But in Northside, it is not just about constructing new schools for growth, it is also about taking good care of the families and schools that are already here.  So even the schools that are up to 60 years old are getting attention from the bond dollars approved by NISD voters.  

“Maintaining our older schools in older neighborhoods is just as important to us as building new schools in new neighborhoods,” says Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods. “All our children deserve safe, functional, well maintained and updated schools.”

The attention to infrastructure needs and upgrading/updating systems and classrooms demands about fifty percent of the total construction dollars available.

Here are examples of existing schools benefitting from next round of bond upgrades:


·       O’Connor High School:  Walkway lighting, $140,000

·       Stinson and Zachry middle schools and Leon Springs Elementary: Lighting upgrades, $191,000

·       O’Connor High School: Replace interior lights, $685,000

·       Passmore and Adams Hill elementary schools and Jones MS: Lighting upgrades $125,000

·       Connally Middle School and Brennan High School: Replacing lighting, $210,000

·       Taft High School: Lighting and electrical upgrades, $755,000

·       Allen Elementary and O’Connor High School: Upgrade energy control systems, $595,000

·       Neff Middle School: Fire alarm systems replacement, $150,000

·       Evers and Leon Springs elementary schools: Replace air handler and unit ventilators, $3,725,000

·       Myers, Lewis and Steubing elementary schools: Public address communication systems, $120,000

·       Connally Middle School: Air condition boys and girls locker rooms, $349,154

·       Jay High School: Replacement of two chillers and associated pumps, $1,840,000

·       Jefferson Middle School:  Air condition of boys and girls locker rooms, $400,000

·       Holmes High School:  Replace boiler, chillers and air condition boys and girls locker rooms, $2,400,000

·       Marshall High School:  Replace chiller and air condition boys and girls locker rooms, $7,770,000

·       Glenn, Helotes and Mary Hull elementary schools: Upgrade playgrounds, $675,000

·       Driggers, Evers, Hatchett, Hoffmann and Howsman elementary schools:  Replace geodesic domes and widen play surface, $165,000

·       Martin, McDermott, Michael, Passmore and Steubing elementary schools:  Upgrade kinder equipment, replace geodesic domes and widen play areas, $175,000

·       Hobby and Luna middle schools:  Paving and drainage improvements to bus loop, staff parking lots, football field and tennis courts, $400,000

·       Brauchle and Cable elementary schools:  Bus loop paving, improved drainage, parking improvements and repair, ADA improvements, $475,000

·       Driggers and Evers elementary schools: Improvements to fields and play area, regrade detention pond inflow, install subsurface drainage , $300,000

·       Meadow Village Elementary:  Paving and drainage improvements to bus loop and staff parking lot, $125,000

·       Warren High School:  Lighting system upgrade, $220,000

·       Clark High School: Lighting upgrades, interior and exterior, $284,000; and Replacement of entire HVAC system, replace boiler and chillers, $16,200,000

·       Cody Elementary: Replace main water line and back flow, $85,000

·       Leon Valley Elementary:  Upgrades to fire sprinkler system, $80,000

·       Langley, Leon Springs, Ott, Wanke and Ward elementary schools: Replace geodesic domes with playscapes and widen play surface areas, $200,000

·       Jefferson, Vale and Luna middle schools:  Repair and resurface tennis courts $105,000.


Picture of air-cooled chillers

New air-cooled chillers required for cooling schools.

Picture of hot water boiler ready to be installed at school

New hot water boiler ready to be installed at a school.

A maze of new piping supports heating and air conditioning systems

A maze of new piping supports heating and air conditioning systems.