Signature badges highlight technology proficiency

February 29, 2016

When you think of a badge, what comes to mind? For a teacher or administrator in NISD, it is a TECHIE Badge. TECHIE stands for Technology, Engage, Challenge, Hook, Inspire, and Educate. It is based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Teachers.

“We want to acknowledge the great things happening in our classrooms with 21st century teaching and learning”, says Dana Bickley, Academic Technology Coordinator. “These badges have become quite the competition between teachers and administrators to see how many they can get before one another.”

There is no application form for the badges. Academic Technology Coaches and Academic Technology staff members look for NISD TECHIE teachers, teachers who are displaying 21st century teaching using technology tools.

Badges are available in the following areas:

  • Design: designing and developing digital age learning experiences and assessments;
  • Digital Citizenship: promoting and modeling digital citizenship and responsibility;
  • Inspire: facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity;
  • Lead: Engaging in professional growth and leadership;
  • Model: modeling digital age work and learning;
  • Super TECHIE: defining and applying new skills to teach, work, and learn in the digital age.

Once achieved, a certificate is presented by the Academic Coach and tweeted using #nisdtechie.

“We use Twitter to amplify our work,” Bickley explained. “We want to cultivate the talent on campus for sustainability so we celebrate each milestone and badge earned.”

In addition, it is a high “badge of honor” when those who earn the designation can place the TECHIE Badge on their email signature.

“Teachers thrive on positive recognition and the badges are a great way to showcase that they are learning and using innovative teaching tools in the classroom,” says Carrie Squyres, principal of Hoffmann Elementary School.

New this year are Digital Badges ranging from “I Lead Twitter Chats” and “My Class Shares with Chatterpix” to “I Print in 3D” to “We Go Noodle!”

“Digital Badges were created as a way to keep it fresh so that if teachers have received all the TECHIE Badges offered, that they can continue to be motivated through the Digital Badge recognition,” Squyres said. “The teachers on my campus are extremely competitive when it comes to these badges.”

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