Blair Engel, Sean Reyes, Steven Merry, Esteban Rodriguez, Taylor Freiermuth

January 24, 2011

Brandeis High School student Blair Engel, Clark High School student Sean Reyes, and 2009 Clark HS graduates Steven Merry, Esteban Rodriguez, and Taylor Freiermuth came to the aid of real estate agent Janice Tisdale who was being attacked by a client. Their selfless and courageous act may very well have saved her life. As the man was assaulting her with a bar, Tisdale’s screaming caught the attention of these students, who came to her aid and scared the man off. The students located a policeman nearby, who later caught the attacker. Tisdale calls these five students her heroes and credits them with saving her life. The students say that they were just doing what was right. For their selfless act and for displaying the Northside Pillars of Character taught in our schools, these students were awarded the prestigious Northside Citizenship Award.