Jack McCracken

August 26, 2008

Jack McCracken, a student at Hobby MS, jumped into action one day while at a weekend Boy Scout camp at Perdenales Falls State Park. Jack was the only one to notice that a four-year-old had fallen into the river without a life vest, and was struggling to stay afloat. Without hesitation, Jack moved quickly across the river so he could intercept the kid as he passed by, pulling him back across the river to safety. The boy was trembling, scared and coughing up water, but otherwise was unharmed. The parents of the child were running along the high bank trying to catch up to him, but the current was propelling him too fast for them to catch up. Without Jack's heroic effort, the boy may not have made it. For his selflessness and as a good example of the Pillars of Character taught in each of our schools, Jack McCracken received the prestigious Northside Citizenship Award.