Suzy Meyer, Madelyn Autry, Jeff Dillahunty, Maggie Brehm and Laura Sowers Decker

January 25, 2000

On Friday, Jan. 14, Anne Zuber, a Level IV Special Education teacher at Locke Hill Elementary School began having trouble breathing during lunch. Immediately, an attempt was made to open her airways using the Heimlich maneuver by Suzy Meyer and Madelyn Autry-but to no avail. Anne passed out from lack of oxygen, and Physical Education teachers Jeff Dillahunty, Maggie Brehm, and Laura Sowers Decker commenced with CPR. EMS arrived and took over compressions. Both the EMS and emergency room doctors confirmed that these quick responding teachers saved Anne's life.

These special Locke Hill employees were honored with the Northside Citizenship Award.