School namesake taught life lessons to hundreds of young people

November 20, 2015

Herbert G. Boldt was known as a humble man, a skilled auto mechanic, a dedicated business owner, and a role model for students. Though not a teacher, he shared his craft and guided young people to reach their full potential.

As a school namesake, his example of community service and personal integrity will inspire a new generation of learners at Northside’s 75th elementary school.

Now, the Boldt Mavericks carry their namesake’s legacy forward. Boldt Elementary School not only stands in tribute to the man who was always there for his community and the students who sought his advice, guidance, and friendship. It also stands for Building Our Lives & Dreaming Together.

Click here to watch a video about Boldt Elementary School and the man for whom the school was named. In addition, his bio can be found by clicking here.