NISD is known for Outstanding Schools

November 25, 2015

By Dr. Brian T. Woods, Superintendent

“Should I buy my home in NISD?” “Should I send my kids to Northside schools?”“Is NISD a good place in which to locate my business?”

The answers are easy because Northside ISD truly is the ‘Destination District’ in Bexar County. NISD earned this descriptor because more than half of all the new home sales in Bexar County are in Northside ISD where neighborhood schools serve families. That alone tells you that people want to live in NISD where there are communities for every family: from modest starter homes to multi-million-dollar properties and everything in between.

Northside schools are rated among the best because of the wide range of rigorous course offerings and a large variety of extracurricular activities available to meet any interest. We know that if we can make school interesting for children they will enjoy the experience and do well in school. 

Also, NISD is an “open” school district. We accept and educate all children who live in the District and who walk through our doors no matter who they are or the needs they have. That’s not something that for-profit schools can say. That concept does not fit into their business plans.

In addition, 100 percent of Northside teachers are rated “Highly Qualified” by the state.  That means that they are experts in their fields and are fully certified to teach the subject or grade level they are teaching.

NISD has a proven track record in this 355-square mile community. Our word to the voters, taxpayers, and citizens of Northside is a commitment to do what we say. This is particularly true when it comes to levying taxes to support the schools.  NISD has not raised taxes in five years in spite of continuous increasing numbers of students and opening 14 schools in the last five years. The business climate in NISD is favorable to small and big business owners alike.

The other factor that makes NISD the “premier” school district is a professional Board of Trustees which acts in the best interests of students, families, and patrons. The seven elected Trustees serve with a sense of community service, not ego or self-serving agendas. Trustees represent seven geographic areas in this large school system but act as one group when making decisions. They live among us and hold open meetings once a month.

So if you or others are searching for outstanding schools, well you’ve found us and I welcome you to the “premier” school district in Bexar County. See  for more information.