Bullying not tolerated in NISD

October 1, 2015

Northside will hold its fourth annual Declaration of Respect Signing Day on Friday, October 9, with students and staff across the District signing certificates pledging to demonstrate respect for themselves and all others through their interactions at school.

Students at Rayburn Middle School created a respect poster that defined what the word meant to each of them including having a sense of self-worth, using manners, following the Golden Rule, and listening to others.

Pictured are (from l-r) Karisma Verma, 6th grade; June Lozano, 7th grade; Gabriella Villarreal, 8th grade; and Benjamin Todd, 6th grade.

“Respect should be shown to everyone even if it’s someone you don’t get along with,” said June Lozano, 7th grader at Rayburn Middle School. “You can’t focus on learning at school if you’re not showing respect, because then you’ll be focusing on drama and that’s a no-no.”

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and Respect Signing Day is a reminder to the community that the District is committed to providing students and staff a safe and respectful environment. 

“We take bullying very seriously in Northside ISD,” said Superintendent Dr. Woods, who signed a similar pledge with all seven Board members at their Sept.22 Board meeting. “This District-wide effort, of students and staff members from kindergarten through 12th grade, is our attempt to make everyone aware of the seriousness of bullying, and the life altering damage that can occur.”

NISD has implemented many programs to address the needs of students, including classroom guidance lessons delivered by the school counselor, anti-bullying classroom presentations, campus-wide initiatives such as the “No Bully Zone, Project ABC (antibullying communities) at the secondary level, and community involvement activities.

At the District level, the phone and texting Safeline program (397-SAFE and safe@nisd.net) offers a safe way for students (and the community) to report potential incidents. Also the Parent 411 online training module for preventing bullying, cyber-bullying, and dating violence is available for parents and educators.

To educate yourself and help in the prevention of bullying on our campuses, go to the NISD Parent 411 website.

Pictured are Cable ES students with their signed Declaration of Respect.