O’Connor band supports rival band

September 22, 2015

During the first week of school, the Johnson High School Band from North East ISD suffered a great loss when one of their senior band members passed away. To honor his memory and show support in a time of tragedy for one of their biggest rivals, the O'Connor High School Band and Boosters spent the week prior to last Friday's game collecting change from their members to contribute to a scholarship fund.

“You can find some of the fiercest competitors in our high school bands, but you'll also find some of our most compassionate students,” says O’Connor High School Principal Jackie Horras.

After halftime, while their respective teams were still battling it out on the field, leaders from both the Panther and Jaguar bands met on the sidelines so the Panther Band could present their friends with an $850 donation to the Tom Miller Scholarship Fund that's been established at Johnson High School. It will be awarded to a student pursuing music as a major after high school.

Pictured are student leaders from the bands and color guards at O'Connor and Johnson high schools.