Students get first-hand experience at UTHSC

September 11, 2015

Four NISD students participated in a summer research program at the UT Health Science Center (UTHSC) this week as part of a continuing partnership between the two organizations that has lasted more than 25 years.

The students worked with UTHSC doctors to conduct research and complete high-level projects. 

For example, Kylie Stamey’s project was to answer, “how will liquiritigenin treatment of MCF7-Aro breast cancer cells effect three aspects of cancer cell growth: percent survival, colony formation, and wound healing ability?” The project looked at the plant derived estrogen’s effect on breast cancer.

Sophie He’s project was “determining the optimal composition of a Nanosilica Monomer System Composite Resin.” She worked in a dental lab with composite materials used in dental filings, crowns, etc.

Ryan Cao’s project was “effects of salt concentration on the frictional ratio and partial specific volumes of proteins.” His work was primarily analyzing data from a technique called analytical ultracentrifugation in order to determine the efficacy of the technique in analyzing proteins.

Sarah Vasquez looked at “Cx50 E2 (Extracellular Loop) domain in cell to cell adhesion.” She specifically was inducing mutations to better understand which parts of the Connexin50 protein are essential to its function.

Pictured are the participating students (from l-r) Sophie He, Brandeis HS; Sarah Rose Vasquez, Jay Science and Engineering Academy; and Kylie Stamey and Ryan Cao, Health Careers HS.