Students earn college credit while in middle school

May 20, 2015

Students enrolled in the dual language program at Stinson Middle School are ahead of the game when it comes to earning high school credits. Some of them are also well on their way to earning college credit.

The program is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages at a highly advanced level. The majority of the students have been enrolled in the program since kindergarten.

It’s a learning experience that goes well beyond learning a second language.

“We are very proud to say that every year our 8th graders take the College Board exam in May, and the six years that I have been here, we’ve sent a whole lot of students to high school with college credit,” says Dinorah Geryk, dual language teacher.

“Depending upon their score on the College Board exam and the university they choose, students can earn up to 21 college credits,” Geryk adds.

NISD offers a Dual Language Immersion Program to students at Esparza, Howsman, May, Passmore, Villarreal, Wanke elementary schools and Ross and Stinson middle schools. Parents are asked for a six-year commitment to the program.

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