96 percent of NISD juniors taking FREE college entrance exam

April 14, 2015

On Wednesday, April 15, 96 percent of the junior class will be taking the SAT college entrance exam at their home campus.

In a bold move to better prepare students for studies beyond high school, the Northside ISD Board of Trustees approved $308,000 to pay for the SAT exam to be offered to all of NISD’s juniors. The test will be administered on Wednesday, April 15, with more than 6,500 juniors participating.

The SAT will be administered at no cost (a $69.95 value) to the student during the school day and proctored by NISD teachers. This is a departure from the current practice of taking the test on a Saturday at students’ own expense and at a testing center that may not have been their home campus. 

All juniors and their teachers have had access to online preparation materials and a curriculum that blends content and skills and reinforces learning and preparation for the SAT.

 “This means that every junior has had the tools available to face the April SAT exam with greater confidence, on a school day, in familiar surroundings,” says Dennis Ann Strong, executive director of Secondary Administration.

 “This is not just about students taking another test or about saving them the expense of taking the SAT,” says Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods. “This is 100 percent about signaling to every single student that college is a real option and giving them the opportunity to take a college entrance examination during the school day, with transportation provided and in a familiar environment.”

“It is about giving every student who wants to go to college a fighting chance at a college scholarship and college education,” he adds.