51,000 NISD elementary students learn about healthy lifestyles from local heroes

March 20, 2015

Almost 51,000 elementary students across Northside ISD, and thousands more across the city of San Antonio, were inspired by local heroes during “Heroes for Health Day,” a collaborative effort across the county to stress the importance of health and fitness for children.

At Mireles Elementary School, more than 1,000 students gathered to hear four NISD graduates talk about proper nutrition and the importance of exercise.

During the event, each hero challenged a student as part of their presentation. Speakers were:

·         Michael Guttierez, who attended Carson Elementary, Connally Middle School, and Taft High School, is with the Bexar County District 2 Fire Rescue and an amateur boxer having received three gold medals at the Junior Olympics. He challenged 4th Nathan grader Daniel Martinez (pictured) to see who could put on all the firefighting gear the quickest. Although Daniel had some problems with the oversized clothes, Guttierez finished in 46 seconds, which is close to just one second away from his all-time record.

·         A product of Carson Elementary, Connally Middle School, and Marshall High School, Brianna Thomas is now a Cross Fit trainer and weight lifter. She challenged 3rd grader Dylan Tapia (pictured) to lift weights with her.

·         Jason Puente, a 2010 graduate of Stevens High School, played football while at Stevens High School and is currently a student at Northwest Vista College and a lifeguard for the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department. He also attended Lewis Elementary and Luna Middle School. A weight lifter, he challenged 5th grader Dori Kittelson (pictured) to lift a dumbbell set with him.

·         Ashley Trimble, who attended Timberwilde Elementary, Connally Middle School, and Health Careers High School, is a Store Director for H-E-B in Dallas and the winner of the store’s Slim Down Showdown Contest. She lost a total of 98 pounds, and talked to the students about the importance of good nutrition and exercise. “When your life is balanced with good eating, exercise, and rest, your mind works much better and you will be able to be successful,” she said. She is pictured with third graders (from l-r) Alexia McKenney, Nathan Hopping, and Brayden Tello.

The event was organized by the Bexar County School Boards Coalition and their “Go Public” campaign.