Support your public schools

October 17, 2014

By Brian T. Woods, Ed.D., Superintendent

Public education is one of America’s basic foundations. Our democracy is dependent on an educated electorate and America’s schools have for centuries successfully educated millions of children. Public schools in America are one of this great country’s strengths.

Northside ISD’s 116 neighborhood-based public schools are the hubs of their communities. In many cases, generations of families have attended the same neighborhood schools. In other cases, because NISD continues to grow, new traditions linked to their community schools are being formed. For 64 years, Northside schools have educated hundreds of thousands of students.

Recently, Northside ISD teamed up with Bexar County’s other 14 school districts to launch Go Public, a campaign to inspire support for local public schools and highlight the sustained, positive impact they make on students and communities every day.

The core strengths of traditional public schools are based on the acts that public schools and Northside ISD:

• offer the best and most experienced teachers who are highly trained, motivated, and credentialed in the subjects and grade levels they teach,

• offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs because it is important that students discover their talents and explore their interests,

• offer a diversity in learning experiences and social interactions so students are exposed to the wondrous multi-faceted/ethnic ‘quilt’ that is American society, and

• offer a strong sense of community because schools are community based.

NISD is the “District of Choice” as evidenced by thousands of families choosing to live in NISD and send their children to NISD schools. I urge you to support your public schools by getting involved, being informed about education’s challenges and successes, and being a partner with the schools to benefit children. The education of our youth is truly the best investment we can make in San Antonio and America. And it all starts in your neighborhood school.