Majority of School Bond 2014 benefits existing schools

May 5, 2014

School Bond 2014, a proposal for $648.34 million, adds 409 new classrooms to manage continuing growth and renovates older schools to meet curriculum requirements and current standards. In fact, the majority of the proposal renovates existing, older neighborhood schools. 

On Saturday, May 10, voters will be asked to vote on School Bond 2014, a carefully crafted proposal that

  • addresses the needs of thousands more students
  • funds major renovations of libraries, cafeterias, and science labs at older schools and replaces entire buildings
  • makes necessary upgrades to infrastructure systems like roofing and heating and air-conditioning
  • also updates students’ and teachers’ technology and adds “interactive white boards” at elementary schools

NISD surpassed 101,477 students this school year, and by 2019 over 14,000 more students will call Northside home raising the total enrollment to over 115,000 students.  That’s because half of all new homes built in Bexar County are located in Northside.  

In addition to the growth and need for more classrooms, many Northside schools need continued attention to provide functional learning spaces for children. More than half of Northside schools are older than 20 years; and some were originally built as early as the 1950s and 1960s.

Last fall, a 250-member Citizens’ Bond Committee, made up of citizens, teachers, senior citizens, business representatives, students, parents, and taxpayers looked at enrollment projections, analyzed existing facilities, and recommended that the School Board call for a bond election. In the district’s 64-year history, all 115 schools have been constructed with bond funds.

Tax Impact

The average home in Northside is valued at $164,615. Assuming no increase in appraisal value, property owners would see no tax increase until 2015, at which time they would see a slight property tax increase of $1.81 a month. 

When bond payments hit their peak in 2019, the owners of an average home in Northside could see their taxes rise by $14.31 a month compared to current taxes.

If we assume that appraisals increase by 3.5 percent a year, estimated monthly taxes on an average home would increase by $26.72 in 2019.

Northside’s history of projecting impact on taxpayers has been very conservative. In the last three bond elections, the projected tax increases never materialized or were considerably less than projected. In fact, NISD’s taxes today are about 9 cents lower than what was projected in School Bond 2010.

School property taxes for senior citizens are frozen and would not be affected by passage of the bond issue, as long as they have filed the Over 65 Homestead Exemption with the Bexar County Appraisal District.

Voting Information

Early voting for School Bond 2014 runs until tomorrow, May 6. A list of early voting sites can be found NISD's bond site.

On Election Day, voters must vote at their specific polling location. Visit for more information.

For a detailed list of proposed projects and for more information about School Bond 2014, visit NISD's bond site.