Police ID person sending email threats to schools

May 1, 2014

Statement from San Antonio Police Department:

The San Antonio Police Department has concluded that the person responsible for the latest emailed threats upon San Antonio schools is, in fact, the same person responsible for past telephone threats from 2012 and 2013. These past threats were made on San Antonio area hotels, the San Antonio Airport, and even Chief McManus’ home and family.  

Through the prior investigation conducted by the San Antonio Regional Intelligence Center (SARIC) regarding earlier threats, it was determined that this person does not reside in Texas and lacks the immediate capability to carry out the threats he has made.

While we understand the need for San Antonio parents to feel their children are safe, we are confident that this person’s lack of immediate ability to carry these threats out has been established and still continues to be the case. We will continue to make all of our resources available to area school districts and police departments and we will continue to take all appropriate precautions.