Student absences cost schools more than $1.4 million

April 24, 2014
Northside ISD's 115 schools reported an attendance rate of 57 percent today, April 24, 2014. A typical day in NISD has an attendance rate of 95 percent. That means that 43 percent of the 101,000 students did not attend classes today.  
The loss in instructional time is significant, and the fear and anxiety caused to parents, teachers, and students is also immeasurable.
In dollars, NISD schools alone lost more than $1.4 million in state funding. These funds pay for everyday school operational expenses like paying utility bills, fuel for buses, teacher salaries, and other important student support services.
Because the loss is unprecedented (not just in NISD but to most schools in Bexar County), NISD will pursue appealing for relief to the Texas Education Agency for an attendance waiver for today for schools based on school security and safety.