Bullet-resistant lobbies proposed for elementary schools

April 14, 2014

The safety and security of students and staff is a top priority for Northside ISD and School Bond 2014 proposes $8.28 million in safety and security projects.

Previous bonds authorized the installation of digital video surveillance systems at all Northside schools and on all school buses. School Bond 2014 proposes to upgrade fire alarms and intercom systems, and add or replace site fencing at many schools.

More secure classroom door hardware would be installed so classrooms can be locked quickly in case of an emergency. The communications systems for the Northside Police Department would also be upgraded to provide improved communications with all area law enforcement agencies.

Bullet-resistant “outer” lobbies would allow for additional layer of security

A pilot for an innovative “security lobby” is currently being evaluated at Ellison Elementary School and, if successful, would be installed at up to 30 elementary schools  with the goal to install them at all schools. These bullet-resistant “outer” lobbies would allow for credentials to be checked before a staff member would allow anyone access into the school.

Safety and Security Projects"

Site Fencing - 11 sites  $450,000
Fire Alarm Systems - 14 sites  $2,600,000
Elementary School Security Lobbies - 30 sites   $2,320,000
PA Intercom Systems - 21 sites    $1,260,000
Door Hardware - 11 sites  $650,000
Police Communication System Upgrades $1,000,000







These safety and security projects are part of a $648.34 million bond proposal that will go before voters May 10. Early voting runs from April 28 to May 6.

For a detailed list of proposed projects and for more information about School Bond 2014, visit http://www.nisd.net/bond/2014/.