$89.84 million would be invested in maintaining facilities

April 7, 2014

As any homeowner knows, you can’t have a house without a roof and mechanical systems that are efficient and safe. In Northside we believe that safe, well maintained facilities enhance the learning opportunities for students.

This proposal provides $89.84 million in upgrades for older neighborhood schools including new roofs and waterproofing, and makes other replacements and renovations to chiller, boilers, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems around the district.

The proposal also calls for the system replacement for the 36- year old Clark High School and addresses energy controls, plumbing, lighting, cabling, paving, drainage, flooring, and school tennis court resurfacing.

  • Chiller plants- 7 sites
  • Mechanical- 16 sites
  • Clark HS HVAC Replacements
  • Boilers- 6 sites
  • Energy Controls- 9 sites
  • Electrical Upgrades- 6 sites
  • Lighting Upgrades- 42 sites
  • Plumbing- 5 sites
  • Paving/Drainage Upgrades- 31 sites
  • Tennis Court Upgrades- 8 sites
  • Flooring Replacements- 12 sites
  • Energy Savings Upgrades
  • Roofing and Waterproofing- 24 sites

These infrastructure and roofing projects are part of a $648.34 million bond proposal that will go before voters May 10. Early voting runs from April 28 to May 6.

For a detailed list of proposed projects and for more information about School Bond 2014, visit NISD's bond site.