Northside grows by two to three classrooms a week

March 24, 2014

Northside continues to grow by over 2,000 students every year. That’s two to three classrooms a week. In fact, NISD just surpassed 101,000 students in the 2013-2014 school year. At the end of this four-year bond, about 8,000 more students will call Northside home raising the total enrollment to almost 110,000 students in 2018.

New Schools- $274.5 million

This proposal is for six new schools – but only five would be funded through this bond. The six new schools represent 409 new classrooms and are all located in the explosive growth areas outside Loop 1604 and are expected to relieve many existing overcrowded schools.

The new schools and their working names (based on location) are:

  • “Kallison Ranch area” High School
  • “FM 471 #3 area” Elementary School
  • “Kallison Ranch #2 area” Elementary School
  • “Grosenbacher area” Elementary School
  • “Rancho Del Lago area” Elementary School
  • “Village at West Point East area” Elementary School- this school would be built entirely from savings generated from School Bond 2010and does not require any funding from School Bond 2014.

To view a map of where the new schools would be located, go to

This proposal also asks for $4.7 million to design and engineer what will be Northside’s 21st middle school – “Kallison Ranch area” middle school. The District already owns the land next to the new high school, but the middle school would be built out of a future bond issue.

Future Sites- $21.25 million

With about 40 percent of the district’s 355 square miles still available for commercial and residential development, this proposal allows Northside to buy land now while it is still available, and before it becomes more expensive when developers build their subdivisions. This strategy has been successful before.  In fact, the new schools being considered in School Bond 2014 would be built on land purchased through previous bonds.

The new schools are part of a $648.34 million bond proposal that will go before voters May 10. Early voting runs from April 28 to May 6.

For a detailed list of proposed projects and for more information about School Bond 2014, visit