Become a partner to Northside students

February 4, 2014

Northside ISD has hundreds of school-business-community partnerships who help sustain and are the lifeblood of campus life.  They provide many services and resources that benefit the District’s faculty, staff and students, as well as their organizations.

“NISD partnerships are designed to be mutually beneficial and customized to meet partner and campus needs,” said Cassandra Miranda, director of School-Business-Community Partnerships. “And we strive to make these partnerships meaningful, long-term relationships for all those involved.”

Partners provide a diverse range of goods and services, many based on a wish list submitted by campuses each year, but many include services available to all NISD employees.

Those tax deductible donated goods and services may become part of the NISD Partnership Perks program, and include a wide array of items such as tickets to entertainment venues, or discounts on flowers, auto oil changes, fitness classes, and restaurants to name just a few. They may also include a percentage of sales as a donation back to the Northside Education Foundation.

Businesses making a donation or providing a service as part of the Partnership Perks program may also become the featured “Perk-of-the-Week,” which is highlighted in the weekly staff newsletter as well as on the Partnerships website. Both forms of outreach drive potential new customers to businesses.

“This is an excellent way for school-business-community partners to become more highly visible to all our employees,” Miranda said. “It’s a great opportunity to be in front of more than 14,000 people so we see it as a benefit for both employees and the partners.”

If you are interested in being an NISD partner, as well as learning more about other ways to support the District such as mentoring and volunteering, please contact the Partnerships Office at 397-8599.