Majority of School Bond 2014 benefits existing schools

January 29, 2014

The NISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously (6-0) Tuesday night to call for a School Bond Election for $648.34 million following extensive study and consideration by the 250-member District-wide  2014 Citizens’ Bond Committee. The election will be held May 10.

The majority of the monies requested (55%) would go to improve existing schools, although there are six new schools in the proposal including the next new high school.  More than half of NISD’s schools are over 20 years old.

Previous bond elections have been held every three years since 1995. However, the school district was able to extend the 2010 Bond program to four years.

The Citizens’ Bond Committee comprised of parents, senior citizens, students, business representatives, taxpayers, teachers, and other staff met for seven weeks in the Fall to discuss the needs of a growing district as well as initiatives to upgrade NISD’s aging schools.   The Committee endorsed the recommendation to call for an election.

In addition to addressing growth and upgrading aging schools, other highlights of the proposal include building "bullet resistant security lobbies" at 30 elementary schools, buying 129 school buses, building classroom additions, improving technology, rebuilding aging infrastructure, air-conditioning all middle and high school locker rooms, and making significant upgrades to dozens of school cafeterias, libraries and science labs, and fine arts facilities.

The major elements of the proposal are:

  • New Schools 
  • Future Sites
  • Classroom Additions 
  • Renovations/Reconstruction/Upgrades 
  • Infrastructure
  • Roofing/Waterproofing
  • Safety & Security
  • Technology 
  • Transportation  
  • Bond Issuance & Management 
$  21,250,000
$  12,000,000
$  71,840,000
$  18,000,000
$    8,280,000
$  47,000,000
$  15,000,000
$    9,500,000


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