Rawlinson Club helps kids 8,000 miles away

November 18, 2013

The Interact Club at Rawlinson MS held a fundraiser to benefit Hope for Humans, an organization that cares for children in Odek, Uganda who have Nodding Syndrome.  Nodding Syndrome is an illness that affects the brains and nervous systems of children between the ages of 5-15.  Children display a sleepy appearance and appear to “nod off” and lose contact with the world around them, but in reality are experiencing seizures.

Rawlinson MS students raised more than $2,400 which will help provide medical care and supportive services for the children and families. The goal is to create replicable models of comprehensive care and village sustainability. The first Care Center is in Odek sub-county in northern Uganda, and is providing medical care, special needs education, nutrition for more than 100 children, and Vocational Skills and Agricultural self-sustainable projects to the parents.