Jay holds first-ever teacher pep rally

September 6, 2013

With 53 new teachers on their campus, Jay HS administrators held the first-ever teacher pep rally the week prior to the beginning of school.

The purpose was not only to get everyone excited about school, but to help inaugurate the newbies to campus to the Mustang spirit.

While most of the new teachers have teaching experience at other schools, 10 or 12 are brand-new to the teaching profession.

While the football team, cheerleaders and marching band helped pumped up the staff, a high-five gauntlet, manned by the Mustang cheerleaders, Jay Principal Robert Harris, Science and Engineering Academy Principal Jay Sumpter, and Academic Dean Leslie Kvapil highlighted the morning celebration. There was also a competition for the School Spirit Stick, with the Math Department claiming victory. Concluding the morning festivities, everyone sung the school song. 

“It was a great success,” said Kvapil, who helped initiate the celebration. “Teachers were super-pumped, and I think it should be a new tradition that we will do every year. It really set the tone for the school year and an expectation of getting involved with our students and each other.”

 Jay administrators want their new teachers to understand the importance of supporting their students outside the classroom, by attending their games, concerts and competitions. Students will in turn feel connected to the teachers who also support their learning efforts each day.