Employees learn new ways to structure curriculum to help students

August 13, 2013

More than 35 instructional specialists and support teachers from NISD and beyond, including Canada and Dubai attended a specially-designed training by H. Lynn Erickson on Concept-based Curriculum (CBC) recently at the Northside Activity Center.

The training, which was seven days long, resulted in all those attending to be certified in CBC.

“Concept-based Curriculum is a model that looks at curriculum in three dimensions – what we want students to know, to understand, and to be able to do,” says Dr. Linda Mora, Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. “The strength of the model is that it ties the curricular topics into big concepts that transfer across disciplines.”

Erickson focuses her training on the need for curriculum and instruction to allow students to move beyond factual learning to a level of understanding where knowledge transfers readily to new situations and thinking becomes integrated over all content areas.

“Having this training here in San Antonio, essentially in our back yard enabled us to train many more people than we would have been able to do otherwise was invaluable,” Mora said. “These individuals will now be able to go out and teach others about CBC, which ultimately will help our students be more successful.”

Pictured are the 35 participants, of which, 11 of them are NISD employees.