Trustees approve salary raises for all employees

June 26, 2013

Northside ISD Trustees approved an increase of $1,585 for all teachers, nurses, librarians and speech pathologists (around 7,000 employees) as well as a 3.9 percent average pay raise for all other employees effective the new school year.

Trustees also approved the starting salary for beginning teachers. First year teachers with a bachelor's degree will earn $48,525; and  those with a master's degree will earn $49,645.

All other employees (around 5,000) who are on the midpoint schedules will receive an average increase of 3.9 percent.

The total compensation increase package totals $19.6 million including $1.4 million to help offset the expected health insurance premium increase for 2014.

The new salary schedules will be posted soon on the Human Resources website at