Students gather clues to solve mystery

May 14, 2013

Seventh grade Gifted and Talented students at Briscoe MS learned that sometimes television and reality aren’t necessary the same.

This year’s unit of study had them learning about forensic science and how to properly gather evidence, DNA samples shoeprint castings, fingerprints, and much more. Guest speakers included Greg Jellick from the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office who spoke to the students about the difference between the CSI television shows and the reality of his lab in the Toxicology Department. Meg Sweeney, formerly of the National Transportation Safety Board, showed how forensics can be used to investigate highway accident scenes.

The students then got to put what they learned into practice as they were tasked with solving “The Case of the Drowned Car,” occurring next to the school. Students surveyed the crime scene, took pictures, and gathered evidence including casting shoeprints and lifting fingerprints. They then took all their evidence to the “lab” in the classroom to discover who drove the car into the lake.

Pictured are (from l-r) Kimberly Dow, Courtney Isaacs, Ian Hernandez, and Christian Gutierrez. GT teacher is Lisa Casas.