Anna Arguello

March 8, 2013


While sitting on a bus, Diego Aguilera, a 7th grade student at Luna Middle School, had a piece of candy become lodged in his throat and he began to choke. The quick-thinking bus driver on bus W631, Anna Arguello, came to the young man's aid and performed the Heimlich maneuver freeing his airway so that he could breathe again.

She then took him off the bus to notify campus administration and have the nurse check him out. He was checked out and it was determined that he was okay to return to the bus. The bus left on schedule and the nurse called the boy's mother to inform her of what happened.

Arguello exemplifies the best in public education in general, and Northside in particular. The moral imperative that guides her life is the safety of the children who ride her bus. Her selfless act could very well have saved this young man's life. We are fairly certain that Arguello would say that she was just doing her job, but every parent is certainly thankful for people like Arguello who are looking after the safety and welfare of their children.