All elementary schools get surveillance cameras

February 25, 2013

All Northside elementary schools will have digital security surveillance cameras and access controls installed over the next 18 months. The $13.4 million project was approved by voters in the School Bond 2010 election. In the wake of the recent shootings at a Connecticut elementary school, this project takes on added urgency.

All Northside high schools and middle schools have had security cameras for a few years. Those were funded out of School Bonds 2004 and 2007.

“This technology gives us a tool to make schools safer, “says Leroy San Miguel, Assistant Superintendent for Facilities. “It’s important that we move on it as soon as possible.” He describes the security deployment as massive as NISD has 73 elementary schools of various designs which have been built since 1950.

“As much as we would like to make this happen overnight, it’s just physically impossible,” he adds, referring to the 18-month installation timeline.

The high definition system will include an undisclosed number of perimeter cameras per school, as well as provide access control and integrate intrusion alarms and fire alarms into one system. Because of security concerns, not all details of the placement of the cameras will be published.

The camera system will also be used in conjunction with the Raptor system, currently in use in all NISD elementary schools, which requires that visitors swipe their driver’s license to get a visitor badge.