Northside ISD Digital Library now open District-wide

November 2, 2012

It’s the ultimate library. Students and staff never have to worry about getting an overdue notice and the library is always open.

As of this school year, Northside ISD’s Digital Library, which began at Stevens High School in 2010, is now available District-wide. That means students and staff can download eBooks, audiobooks, music, and videos using their personal computers, tablets, smartphones, eBook readers, and MP3 players.

About 5,000 titles currently are available through the District’s digital library provider, OverDrive,

“It’s broadened our collection,” said Terry Palin, the librarian at Stevens High School. “It’s made it available 24/7/365. That’s what makes it so great.

“This is where the market is going,” added Palin, who has been a librarian for more than 30 years. “Kids today are more tech-savvy.”

Students and staff can find pleasure reading, professional reading, classics, and much more, including music and videos, said Joyce Stevens, Director of Academic Technology, Library & Textbook Services for NISD.

Most titles can be checked out for a 14-day period, although music and video titles have a shorter loan period. Items cannot be renewed, but they can be checked out again once the loan period has expired. So far, students and staff have checked out 7,000 items.

Not to worry, though, Northside’s school libraries remain alive and will continue to offer hard copy books and materials to students.

“Having both digital and print items provides access for all students, and some students enjoy listening to an audio book while reading along in the print format,” Stevens said. “In addition, while a growing number of titles are available in a digital format, many are not.”

To raise awareness about the District’s Digital Library, OverDrive brought its “digital bookmobile” to Hector Garcia Middle School and Stevens High School earlier this week. Students learned how to download materials and had an opportunity to ask questions and explore the Northside ISD Digital Library.

Kirsten Taylor, a senior at Stevens, said she’ll use the digital library to check out books she needs for class. Being able to access the books from her phone through the OverDrive app is very convenient, she said.

“I don’t have a lot of time to go to the library, but I always have my phone,” she said.