ELECTRICAL BROWNOUT ADVISORY: Possibility for 'rolling electrical brownouts' is high

August 10, 2011

As Northside ISD gets ready to fire up the air conditioning chillers and turn on the lights in 112 schools, the possibility of rolling electrical brownouts in neighborhoods throughout San Antonio presents real problems. NISD and other school districts met with CPS Energy recently to talk about the brownouts and their impact on schools. 

The Electrical Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has issued an Energy Emergency Alert everyday this week for the ERCOT Service area which includes San Antonio. 

Because of the huge power demand of schools on the state electrical grid, the possibility of brownouts is high.

CPS Energy says it will try and give NISD one hour's notice (or as soon as they hear from ERCOT) that the power will be shut off, and hopefully the brownouts will be in mid to late afternoon.  This is better than a brownout in the morning or early part of the day.  Recall that last winter's morning rolling brownouts in February created lots of disruption in schools.

NISD will continue to work closely with CPS Energy.

Families should have conversations about the possibility of rolling brownouts during this extreme heat wave and how their families will deal with no electricity for, hopefully, short periods of time.  All families should also make efforts to conserve energy.

NISD is initiating a two-pronged approach to conserving energy.  NISD staff are being instructed to turn off all lights and all equipment when not in use.  In addition, staff is examining ways of raising the temperature inside buildings during peak usage hours. 

Please stay tuned to this website, Facebook & Twitter for updates and encourage fellow parents to do the same.  You may follow Northside's Facebook and Twitter alerts for continuous updates.