Summer schools have lots to offer

May 27, 2011

When the last bell for the 2010-11 school year rings on June 2, classes may be over, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops. Summer School is a time to catch up in your studies, learn something new, or try to get ahead.

NISD offers a wide variety of courses, from classes needed for remediation and core-courses to allow students to take more advanced and varied courses during the regular school year, to enrichment courses and camps that allow students to explore and have fun while learning something new.

However, because of future cuts, what once might have been offered free of charge, may not be this summer. Tuition-based summer school programs will be offered for students who are in danger of being retained or who need to accelerate high school credits.

High school course offerings have been expanded to provide students the opportunity to accelerate credit accumulation in light of the 4x4 mandates. High school students should consider taking extra courses over the summer so that they have more time for electives during the school year.

For more information about graduation requirements, please visit the District's Planning for Graduation web site.

See the complete list of summer learning programs for more details about times and locations.