Academic Decathlon teams make Northside proud

March 2, 2011

Thirty-five students from four NISD high schools competed in the State Academic Decathlon tournament this past weekend. Holmes, O'Connor, Stevens, and Warren high schools took tests in seven academic categories, wrote essays, gave speeches and interviews, and participated in a Super Quiz Relay.

With 40 top teams competing, O'Connor High School placed 11th, Warren High School, 29th; Holmes High School, 30th; and Stevens High School, 32nd. Although this was Stevens High School's first time competing at the state competition, the team placed third in the Super Quiz Relay competition. Individual award winners included Yun Laig, Laura Dixon, and Zac Cozzi from O'Connor High School; and Gabriel Rogow from Warren High School.

Warren High School social studies teacher and AD advisor Jane Nicholson was presented with the Tom Norris Coach of the Year. She was nominated by her students and fellow coaches because of her tireless devotion and dedication to her students.

Congratulations to all the students and coaches!