District announces Educators of the Year

March 11, 2011

Three first-year and three veteran teachers were named District Educators of the Year at special celebrations held annually to honor teachers who give 100 percent when it comes to improving the lives of children. In addition, Northside's Nominee for the 2011 Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching was announced.

The 2011 Northside Educators of the Year are:

  • June Shanahan, Scobee Elementary School
  • Eva M. Garcia, Zachry Middle School
  • Dr. Kathy Ferguson, Clark High School

The 2011 Northside First Year Educators of the Year are:

  • Jessica DeLeon, Lackland City Elementary School
  • Shana Priest, Connally Middle School
  • Titus Hawthorne, Marshall High School

And, the 2011 Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching is Marshall High School's Linda Kelly.   

In addition to receiving engraved plaques, first-year awardees received checks for $250, and the veteran teachers and Trinity nominee received $500 checks.
A panel of NISD educators selected the District winners 185 campus Educators of the Year.
All campus winners were deemed "Simply the Best" at the District's Educator of the Year celebrations, held March 8-10 this year.
The celebration has been dubbed "Simply the Best," because the campus winners parade into the auditorium to Tina Turner's famous song by the same name. Winners are given the red-carpet treatment by whirling spotlights, cheering family members, and co-workers hoisting signs and banners.
To purchase a DVD of the ceremony, go to http://www.nisd.net/parentconnection/ and click on DVD Sales